"Tom Hand is a talented and creative cabinetmaker who regularly delivers the highest quality of workmanship. Our Masonic Temple building was formerly the residence of Wallace Hackett, a prominent lawyer who served as the Mayor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1907-08 and in the State Legislature during 1909-10. His magnificent Neo-Georgian residence known as the Hackett House on Middle Street was purchased in 1920 to become a part of the Masonic Temple serving the Portsmouth Masonic Bodies. The dining room featured carved oak woodwork with an eight-seat matching table. In the early 1950's the table and chairs were inexplicably sold to a local antiques dealer, leaving the room quite barren. Tom offered to recreate the table and chairs using scant information from a poor photograph of what was believed to be an original chair, along with the recollections of a few Members who had used the original furniture some 60 years ago. The result is a beautiful compliment to the room and a truly outstanding replica of the original table and eight chairs complete with all of the carvings and moldings to match the old woodwork perfectly."

~Rodney A. Robinson~
A Local Mason, St. John's Lodge F. & AM.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"We are fortunate to have several of Tom Hand's masterpieces in our home. We entertain often and people always ask us where we bought the pieces and comment on how beautiful and unique they are. For us, having furniture that was designed and crafted with such detail is truly an honor. Tom is clearly passionate about his work and it is evident in every detail of each piece of furniture he makes. We look forward to passing down our pieces to future generations as they are classic and timeless."

~ Doug and Kelly Glennon ~
Barrington, New Hampshire

"When my kitchen was remodeled, I found that I had a new space to fill in my dining area. I wanted something that would match a hutch I already had and also that would attractively accommodate all our electronics - laptops, cell phones, cameras, etc. that we tend to use and recharge in our kitchen. Tom Hand created a smaller hutch that perfectly matched our older kitchen hutch and blended with our dining area furniture, and it beautifully rounded out that part of the kitchen. The workmanship was superb and we continue to enjoy our "country kitchen computer hutch". Our guests always notice this high quality piece of furniture in our kitchen."

~Helen Goransson~
Eliot, Maine

"Tom Hand is a true craftsman who takes perfection to a new level. His attention to period-appropriate details assures that the finished product will exceed your expectations. He listens to your needs and works with only the highest quality materials to produce the one-of-a-kind products that discerning clients desire. I am very pleased to own furniture crafted by Tom Hand and recommend you consider Tom Hand for your next custom furniture purchase."

~Carol Bailey~
Rochester, New Hampshire

"I have been finishing Tom Hand's masterpieces for a number of years now and have been impressed by the high level of workmanship on both small and large projects and his attention to detail. With a keen eye for detail, his 18th and 19th century reproductions will indeed be tomorrow's heirlooms."

~W. Morin~
Antique Restoration
Stratham, New Hampshire

"A few boards from a favorite Black Walnut tree: - What to do!? After a call and a visit with Tom Hand, I had my answer and two beautiful reproductions of a colonial candle table. Two treasures: My Tree and My Tables! Thank you - Tom!"

~Ruth Griffin~
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Executive Council - State of New Hampshire

(Tom Hand designed and replaced the Chancel in the Sanctuary of The United Church of Christ).

"We write with deep admiration and profound gratitude for Thomas Hand's work with our community. His craftsmanship, care and personal investment in our project were above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. Additionally, his design and implementation could not have been more appropriate for our setting. We celebrate that we were so fortunate to have him as the builder for this phase of the life of a 170 year old building. No doubt, we are now in good stead for this sanctuary to host many generations to come."

~David O'Connor and Pastor Michelle Bagby Allan~
The United Church of Christ
North Hampton, New Hampshire